Retinal Imaging

At Norville Eye Care we are equipped with the latest in retinal imaging technology, the Optomap.

What is the Optomap?

  • The device we use for High Definition retinal imagining is called the Optomap

It takes a digital picture of the back of your eye

Why is a retinal imaging important?

Digital imaging is important because it allows the doctor to:

  • Assess the health of your retina
  • Verify that the back of the eye is healthy or there are no potential issues
  • Verify or rule out any possible signs of:
    -Retinal Tears

What is the benefit you (the patient)?

  • Digital documentation that your eye is healthy or that there is no potential issue
  • A baseline image is created for the doctor to compare year to year that will document any subtle changes during future visits
  • The image will stay in your medical file
  • You may not be dilated during your exam depending on the results of the image